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Everything is water.  You are water.  The earth is water. The air is water.  Even fire has water.
It is the super conductor of all life.
All plants, all animals, all life everywhere on this planet.

When you connect with the water in your body, you connect with water everywhere.
In all bodies.
And as you do that, you may notice some resistance.  Some debris.  Some thickness of energy.
That's because water holds the collective consciousness.
And if the whole of the collective consciousness is not clear, is not at its perfect structure, then it's challenging for the whole of humanity to heal itself.

Think about it.
All it takes is going back to perfect structure!
That's all!
And up until now, that was deemed as too difficult.

Up until now.

Now the consciousness is beginning to understand cellular memory and cellular debris.
The consciousness is remembering sacred geometry.
The consciousness is understanding the power in self healing.
The consciousness is rebelling against chemicals and pollutants in the air, earth, and water.
The consciousness wants something that gets us back to source.

As quickly as possible.
So when you interact with water, do it with intention. 
Have the intention to heal yourself.
Have the intention to release everything that doesn't serve you.
Have the intention to fill yourself with the highest vibrations possible.
To keep  healing yourself.
Because as you heal, the collective consciousness heals.
The planet heals.
Because The Spirit of Water IS The Spirit of Life.
All Life.
Thank you!