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water spirits in flowing fountain Any of these ideas may be applied
to the water you drink or the water
you bathe in.

Love and Gratitude.
If you haven't seen Masaro Emoto's site
    where the intelligence of water is clearly
    demonstrated, please do so!  The effects
    of love and gratitude on water crystals
    are amazing and beautiful. See what happens
    when you thank your water before
    drinking or bathing. Taste the difference
    when you send love to your water prior
    to drinking it.

    Try stating these intentions into your
    water prior to use. 
Feel free to create
    your own! (Notice that these intentions
    also contain gratitude and  the present
    tense.  Intentions are magnified when
    you act as though they have already
Thank you for helping me release whatever is not for my highest good
           and healing. Thank you for filling me with higher vibrations that keep me
           healing myself.
    Ex.  Thank you for supporting all life everywhere in the healthiest way.
    Ex.  Thank you for my sustained, optimal health and well-being.

Use the Intention Words and Symbols from TheSpiritofWater (not
    related to this site) to enhance your intentions of Health, Vitality, Prosperity,
    Wealth, Love, Gratitude, Kindness, Intuition, and more.  Choose the word
    package that best suits your intentions and stick the words on your
    water container, refrigerator, computer, etc.

Leonard Horowitz has developed a Water Resonator.
    This vibrational harmonizer is a sticker you place on your water container, or
    anywhere you want to raise the vibration. This resonator vibrates with the frequency
    of 528 Hz, and matches the vibration of your heart.  Each time you use it, you transmit
    love, peace and balance to everything around you.

Water Healing Meditations.  Every new moon, Jane Reading leads a water healing
    meditation to heal a specific body of water. Check it out at WaterSongs.org.

Try toning into your water.  A tone is a sound from your heart. Any pitch will work.
     Toning OM and/or AH brings your water back to the source of creation.
     Chant Sanskrit phrases such as Om Mani Padme Hum, meaning when the heart and
     the mind are united, all things are possible.  Or  Ahem Prema, meaning I Am Love.
     Taste and feel the difference!

Place a tuning fork into your water after striking it.  Tuning forks carry pure vibration that
     help clear and focus energy.  Jonathan Goldman, created a set of tuning forks based
     on the original Solfeggio Frequencies, said to be the sweet sounds on earth, and
     the original musical scale.  Try it and notice the difference!

Play with Cymatics, the process of studying water or any substance while playing
    regularly vibrating sound, such as gongs or chanting.  It was discovered that regularly
    vibrating sound re-creates the natural geometric structure of nature, as seen in flowers,  
    shells, animal patterns, cloud formations, land masses and more.

Apply Sacred Geometry to your water.  Use crystal spheres, cubes, tetrahedrons,
    icosahedrons, dodecahedrons, stellated dodecahedrons, merkabas,
    or any other geometric form you feel called to use.  Place them in your water.
    Play with several shapes, or try one at a time and notice the difference!  Since
    Sacred Geometry is in your very cells, from your conception, you are imprinting
    the water in your body with your original source, your perfect structure.
    Helping you to remember your perfect structure for your highest good and

Utilize Fractal and Sacred Geometry Intentionizers. One option is the Water
Set of Waterproof cards.  This set of sacred geometry cards has
    specific intentions with which you can imprint your cells, such as
    self-empowerment, inner peace, youth & vitality, and more.  Just place
    your glass of water on one of the cards, and ingest the vibration you
    desire into your body.  Another option is the Intentionizers from
    Healing Silks.  Made of silk, these small squares also carry specific
    intentions such as prosperity, abundance, healing, etc.  A third option
    utilizes sacred geometry patterns received by a man who is said
    to have crossed over (died) over 300 times!  See more information
    on the Sacred G site.

IET or Reiki Practitioners.  Try placing your healing symbols into water prior to use.
     You'll be amazed at the results!

Mix and match any of these methods that call you. See which ones work
    best for you. 

And when you're ready for something even more profound, go to
Spirit of Water Therapy, to understand perfect structure,
to heal yourself and the planet, from your cells outward.