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Spirit of Water Therapy

Introducing Structured Water
producing cleaner,

better tasting water

NO chemicals,
NO filters,
NO salts,

NO electricity,
and NO metal alloys.

Healing us.

Healing the planet.

Structured Water

Perfect Structure
Back to our source.
Back to our original pure state.
Back to the original sacred geometry of source.
Back to the place of no memory.

Introducing Photonic Water, a Structured Water Unit
using specially tuned geometry.

Creating structured water
which has
*lower surface tension
*better hydrating properties
*eliminated negative energy patterns
(sometimes called memories)
*improved  self healing.

Perfect Structure helping us to get back to a perfect world.

Benefits of Photonic Water Units for Structured Water include:
•lifetime warranty (no moving parts to fix or replace)
    •easy installation
    •economical to use
    •inexpensive to purchase
    •prevents and removes corrosion in pipes and water systems
    •removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits
    •reduces anaerobic bacteria
    •requires less soap for washing

And that's not all! 
Testimonials from people using Photonic Water Units for Structured Water
•water tastes great!
    •cleaner tubs without hard water spots
    •no chlorine smell, taste, or effects in tap water
    •skin and hair look better
    •improves health of joints and muscles
    •improves quality of life
    •increases absorption of medications, vitamins and minerals
    •promotes vigorous plant growth
    •plants use less water, less fertilizer
    •less algae growth in ponds
Personal Testimony regarding Spirit of Water Healing Methods
   PLUS Photonic Water Units for Structured Water

•My skin is better hydrated from within, lessening aging signs.
    •Food tastes better when prepared with Spirit of Water Healing Therapy and structured water.   
    •I have noticed that the power of my intentions is magnified about 100 times!
    •ANYTHING I intend happens more rapidly.
          (Making me careful about what I intend!)
    •My work with the nature spirits has increased ten-fold and is
          easier, more enjoyable.

Aura photos taken before and after drinking structured water for the first time!

Diana has a big ball of energy in her mid-section, or power section,  rather like people who practice Tai Chi or Chi Gung. She also exhibited some healing on her left side (the photo's right side) as evidenced by the green color in her physical layer.  After drinking structured water, within minutes, her aura had changed to primarily blue, a much calmer state of being, and the healing green had begun to shift out of her body, moving to her right side, and the photo's left side.


Before drinking structured water, Rene was healing her mental and spiritual beliefs, as demonstrated by the yellow-green in the top half of the photo.  (These are the mental and spiritual layers.) Her heart has a crescent moon shape in it, indicating emotional healing as well.  After drinking structured water, her aura expanded into very active orange and yellow.  In fact if you stand back from this photo, you'll almost see a figure standing in it.  We call this the higher self connection, meaning she has stepped more fully into her soul's connection.  You'll even see several orange dots near the top of the photo, indicating her angels and guides.  They are more pronounced than before drinking the structured water.

No matter what changed, it's evident that drinking structured water creates change!

And that's not all! 

A structured water crystal actually is shaped as a 10 pointed star.  While most people believe that water crystals are hexagons or 8 pointed stars, Clayton Nolte, the inventor of Photonic Water Units for structured water has found that structured water has the geometric shape of 2 pyramids, each with a four sided base and one point at the top.  When you put them together, you get this image at left.

"In electronic form, the ten pointed star is a device of changing dimensions, for inter-planetary travel.  It’s just energy powered by intention." Clayton Nolte, inventor.

Miracles Stories with using Photonic Water Units for Structured Water include:

*There was a 75 year old man with life-long excema who bought a shower unit. Within 18 hours, 90% of his itching, burning skin irritations had disappeared. 

*Another man had esophageal cancer.  He was hospitalized with severe dehydration, and given no chance of survival.  His friend began bringing him structured water every day.  He walked out of the hospital in under four weeks, in remission. 

*Another person with cancer began drinking the water, and within three weeks, was in remission.

*"We watered our plants with structured water prior to leaving for a week. We came back to double the growth on the plants!"

*"My animals absolutely love drinking structured water. Their coats appear healthier and they are more playful."

*"My hair is curly like it used to be.  And it grows like a weed!"

*"My skin is soft, not dry and scaley any more."

*"I sprayed structured water on a dying plant and within an hour and a half it was standing upright, looking very healthy."

Please send us YOUR results to put on this website! 

Want more information?
Want to purchase a Photonic Water Unit for Structured Water that
--never needs replacing
--never needs new filters
--never wears out
--has a life-time guarantee
--is economical to purchase
--is economical to maintain (no electricity needed!)
--is easy to install
--and will change your life!!!!

the Structured Water Store.....for downloadable information and ordering your structured water unit today!

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Phoenix at
928-274-0246 or sedonaheartwalk@yahoo.com