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About Phoenix....

Phoenix Rising Star stumbled on the Spirit of Water when first connecting to nature spirits.
She practiced Perelandra Techniques on a garden in the heart of state forest land in Iowa and discovered how well they worked.  Next she studied with Sandra Ingerman and learned how to provide Medicine for the Earth and shapeshift into different elements, such as earth, air, fire, and of course! water.

But the power of the spirit of water really became apparent to her when she discovered Photonic Water Units and experimented with cellular memory and intention.  Realizing the profoundness of this healing encouraged to her ask for a spirit guide to work with her on developing world-wide awareness for this healing and the importance of water.  That's when the Spirit of Water came forward and encouraged her to develop this website.

When the Spirit of Water told Phoenix to get the domain name SpiritOfWater.org, she laughed and asked, "What makes you think that's available?"

Obviously it was.  Leading her to understand this was all part of the unfolding of the divine plan.

She shares her understandings of nature spirits, the consciousness of water, her channelings with water and other nature spirits, and Spirit of Water Healing with individuals and groups. .  Check back frequently for updates and shared stories as everyone experiences Spirit of Water Healing and remembers his/her perfect structure.

More about Phoenix.....

As a Co-Director of the alternative healing center HeartWalk in Sedona, AZ, she works with angels and guides every day and loves to teach others how to safely open themselves to their gifts from spirit. She is currently teaching a workshop called Channel Your Spirit, to assist people in connecting to the divine for purposes of expressing themselves, through writing, channeling, and intuitive development.

Her angels helped her write The Energy Pyramid: Twenty Steps to Enlightenment, a highly acclaimed book that helps everyone to be their best.  She also writes monthly for The Spirit of Maat, Drunvalo Melchizedek's e-magazine.

Phoenix and her partner Leon have been named Top Master Instructors of Integrated Energy Therapy since 2006, and as of 2011, are Master Instructor Trainers of IET. Together they travel teaching others this enlightening angelic healing therapy. 

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area (Channel Your Spirit or Integrated Energy Therapy or any of their other fine workshops), please contact Phoenix at HeartWalk , 928-204-5589 or email her at: sedonaheartwalk@yahoo.com.

Workshop hosts receive their workshop for free when they provide space for at least ten people, help advertise the event, and provide accommodations, if necessary,  for Phoenix and Leon.